Control Documental
, is a company certified by AENOR in the implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, this way demonstrating its ability to provide products coherently or services that meet the customer’s needs and the regulatory requirements applicable.

Benefits to customers:
· Increase in client satisfaction.
· Eliminate multiple audits with corresponding cost savings.
· Access agreements of quality agreed with customers.

Benefits for the management of the company:
· To serve as a medium for maintaining and improving the effectiveness and appropriateness of the quality management system, highlighting points of improvement.
· To lay the foundations of the quality management and to stimulate the company into entering a process of continuous improvement.
· To increase the motivation and involvement of staff, as well as improve the management of resources.

Control Documental, it is registered in the files of the PUBLICATION AND DOCUMENT RECORD DEPARTMENT OF DATA PROTECTION, under the SPANISH AGENCY OF DATA PROTECTION, fulfilling the obligation of notification arranged in Statutory law 15/1999.

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