Our customers are mainly:
· Shipping companies, Suppliers, Manufacturers or Main Companies that outsource transportation services.
· Transportation companies that outsource to freelancers and companies
· Logistics operators and distribution companies that outsource to freelancers and companies.

Benefits for your company:
1st We advise our clients on changes in the law on management of ground transportation that may affect your company or its subcontractors.
2nd Improvement in the quality of the subcontracts. You can filter those subcontractors that do work in line with the law, thus minimizing risks for your company.
3rd Variable cost in accordance with the number of drivers and vehicles to carry out the control of documents.
4th Full-service Avoiding YOUR STAFF from having to be involved in the difficult task of the REQUEST AND CONTROL of driver and vehicle documents.
5th Personalized service. We adapt the service to your company’s needs.>

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